Water Tank and Tower Inspection and Cleaning

Potable Water Tank Cleaning

Sediment provides an environment for bacteria, protozoa and viruses to thrive and depletes chlorine reserves. Removing the sediment reduces the need for continual increases of chlorine and enables you to deliver the cleanest, healthiest water possible to your customers.

Our cleaning process utilizes commercially certified divers who are sealed in a Dry Suit so there is no contact with the water in the tank. The diver is washed down with a chlorine solution prior to entering the tank to ensure that no contaminants can be brought in. We use custom-made tips for our vacuum hoses that allow us to get into all the crevices and corners.

We provide an after-cleaning video to let you see that there is no sediment left in your tank when we are finished cleaning it. We clean your tank while it is in-service, saving you time and money. Additional savings can be realized when your chlorine usage drops because you are no longer trying to fight the microbes that were removed during the cleaning process.

Ron Perrin Water Technologies

Tank inspections and cleanings are the best preventive maintenance available for the protection of one of your biggest and most important assets. Call us today for a free quote and start saving money! Our toll-free phone number is: 1 (888) 481-1768.

Ron Perrin Water Technologies

Repair Services

Ron Perrin Water Technologies offers minor in-service repair services including:

  • Vent Screen Replacement
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Water Level Indicator Repair/Replacement
  • Aircraft Warning Light Repair/Replacement
  • Water Level Float Replacement
  • Confined Space Labels
  • Crack Repair with AquataPoxy